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Today's a new day. You shape it. You create it. You make magic happen.✨ #MotivationMonday #MakeMagicHappen


Known as the “bad boy” of graphic design, #TiborKalmans socially conscious and often provocative editorial work featured doctored photos of people. Notable images included Queen Elizabeth and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as racial minorities and filmmaker Spike Lee as a white man. Later, Kalman’s work with the fashion company Benneton turned advertising upside down when he created controversial ads with powerful social commentary. Notable ads were of a nun and priest romantically kissing, and an emaciated man surrounded by his grieving family as he tragically succumbs to AIDs. Kalman died in 1995 but we continue to channel his spirit of courage and boundary-pushing here at ETA as we create solutions for clients that challenge their idea of what a successful brand can be.


Wendel Agne (pictured first) was a US Army Nurse in WWII, present at D-Day, and the grandfather of our Lead Programmer Josh Reed. During his service he actually traveled across seas on the Queen Mary. ⁣ ⁣ Raymond Montoya served as a medic on front lines during the Korean War and is the father of our Creative Director Ján Montoya.⁣ ⁣ We thank both these men for their service and legacy that lives on here at ETA!


Happy #NationalCappuccinoDay!☕🧡 Stay caffeinated, the weekend is almost here!🎉


Intern Spotlight!✨ Today's spotlight is Tracy, our design intern. She is a senior @csulongbeach majoring in marketing and minoring in journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys taking pictures and writing. You can catch her enjoying a cup of coffee or creating beautiful calligraphy. Welcome to the ETA family, Tracy! We're glad to have you!😀💚 #internspotlight #staffspotlight #welcome


Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)! 💀May your celebration be filled with lots of beautiful memories, delicious food and music 💛❤️