Brand Development

Clients such as the City of Long Beach, Ensemble Real Estate Solutions and Investments, and NBCUniversal have all turned to ETA for brand development. And all have seen the positive results of our research, strategic thinking, collaboration and out-of-the box creative skills.


Creative: Art & Copy

Our research-based creative is designed to resonate with target audiences—not just win awards. ETA’s design and copywriting talent ranges from print, collateral, digital and video creation to full advertising campaigns.


Strategic Planning

We execute and interpret qualitative and quantitative research that enables us to keep in touch with the market and understand consumer needs and wants. Planning is a never-ending process of defining and redefining goals and objectives, developing strategies, and evaluating advertising results.


Social Media

Our expertise within the socialsphere enables companies to leverage the online conversation, engaging consumers and absorbing valuable marketing research. ETA ensures clients are maximizing their presence—on the social channel most appropriate for their business—to increase their reach and create greater online visibility.

Media Planning and Buying

Combining target segment knowledge, and then carefully planning the appropriate media channels is second nature to ETA. With a blend of long-time relationships and hard-nosed negotiation, we capture the best available rates for clients, maximizing ROI.

Public Relations

We excel in developing comprehensive strategies that maximize the impact and efficiency of PR campaigns and events. From uncovering relevant news angles to proactive media pitching, our PR team brings credibility to companies while strengthening their presence in today’s marketplace.


Being cyberspace-savvy design experts, we’ve produced many types of websites. We create sites that are not only beautifully designed, but ones that enable users to easily navigate their way to useful, relevant content. Part of this is adhering to Responsive Web Design, which allows sites to be designed for multiple viewing situations—whether on a desktop or the much-smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. We’re also well versed in the experiential—immersive digital experiences that captivate with elements such as online games, CGI, animation and more.


Video Spots

Clients such as Audi, United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and F&M Bank have engaged us to concept and produce commercials for both broadcast and online. Our creative is designed to stand out from the masses, whether a 10-second spot or a long-form direct-response piece.


Email Marketing

It’s predicted that there will be over 5.6 billion email accounts by the end of 2019. That’s quite an audience. To successfully engage it, we’re constantly in step with the latest email marketing best practices. Through mobile-friendly email designs, motion through videos and GIFs and much more, we’re committed to creating the coolest, most relevant emails in your inbox.


Event Marketing

Our turnkey, budget-faithful solutions address all event-related elements, from naming, to execution, to results tracking. The City of Long Beach, working with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Mayor’s Office, has tapped our expertise for high-profile events, such as the Mayor’s Inauguration and State of the City events.

Affinity Group Marketing

This “secret weapon” forms strategic alliances that benefit a brand and gain the combined strength of major organizations to yield stronger results. That was precisely the case when ETA brought together the Anaheim Ducks and Stadium Lofts residential community to build an affinity relationship in promoting the lofts to hockey fans.

Street Teams

We think beyond the typical event and trade show marketing strategies. Our street team and guerrilla marketing is a great way to achieve face-to-face interaction and get the pulse of the buying public. These efforts will increase audience reach, and help create and establish lasting relationships with customers.

UX/UI Design

Regarding websites, UX Design encompasses all aspects of the visitor’s interaction. The UX document (or wireframe) determines what content will be on the page, how it’s organized and more. A good UI Design will deliver a user-friendly experience allowing for natural and intuitive interaction. UX and UI are crucial to great sites, and we know them inside out.

Front & Back-End Web Development

There are two sides to every website, and we’re experts at both. Our front-end apps form well on all platforms and browsers with short load times. Our highly secure code and servers on the back end enable easily manageable CMS and databases. We also constantly monitor existing and emerging technologies to identify and implement new tactics to enhance reach and ROI.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. But for us it’s more than just a process. It’s a powerful market research tool that enhances every client’s business.


Gamification is the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people in a way that forges a stronger relationship with a client’s brand. It’s a way to educate through entertainment. And we’ve found that the more habit-forming the game, the better.

App Development

Today, a mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. Mobile apps can help build a brand’s awareness, amplify customer engagement and generate repeat business. We have proven expertise in developing mobile apps for the major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile.