A Brand is a Terrible Thing to Waste – Part 2

Cassandra Popli

Vice President

Learn how to make the most of yours in ETA’s three-part series.

Start with a great logo then build upon it.

A brand is the essence of your own unique story—and that should be captured in the design of your logo. A strong logo—which is one that’s simple and unique—has the power to instantaneously convey your brand’s personality. It becomes the foundation onto which you build your brand; the single most visible manifestation of your agency to your customers.

Although your logo is vitally important, it’s just one element of what creates a solid brand. Your logo serves as your starting point to your brand identity, but should be supported with many other components such as typography, color palettes, graphic standards and usage guidelines. Having a firm understanding of your brand’s style is what ensures consistency when you are trying to reach your target audience customers.

Create a “voice”.

Once you have developed your visual brand, don’t forget to also define your voice. Your voice is your tone and demeanor, like your personality. It needs to reflect your brand and extend through everything you do, from written communications to visual imagery. Careful thought should be applied to determining your voice. Who are you? Are you serious? Playful and conversational? Irreverent and a little edgy? Once you have answered these questions and defined your voice make sure you stick to it.