A Brand is a Terrible Thing to Waste – Part 3

Cassandra Popli

Vice President

Learn how to make the most of yours in ETA’s three-part series.

A strategic brand adds value.

Strategic branding on a consistent basis leads to a strong brand equity—and that means the perception of a higher degree of quality or value over other (usually unbranded) agencies or services. Your brand strategy consists of what you say, what you show visually and where you advertise. An effective strategy is one that can give you the edge you need in a market full of other government agencies.

Be protective of your brand.

Famous adman Lee Clow once said, “You gotta care about everything the brand does.” In other words, you need to be your own “brand police” to ensure your brand is always maintaining its personality. Your logo, messaging, voice, color palette—everything your brand conveys must be consistent. No exceptions. Because without consistency, all the hard work you’ve done in establishing your brand will have been wasted.

Create a brand you love.

Your brand is everything. It should be everything you’ve always imagined. It should be something you love and want to ensure its consistency.