Building a Lifestyle Brand

Cassandra Popli

Vice President

Just as we expect friends to enrich our lives with their personalities and experiences, we have the same expectations of brands and especially ones that depict the lifestyle brand. Today, brands have personalities of their own. Their identities have become extremely holistic and we need to continue to fulfill customer expectations by expressing these personalities on multiple platforms, in a way that customers can still relate to and emotionally engage with.

Some of the top things you should remember when you are building your lifestyle brand are as follows:
1. Speak to the audience like you would to a close friend.
2. Strive to create unique experiences.
3. Meet the demands of your audience.
4. Engage.
5. Allow your audience to become part of the experience.

But to talk a little bit about the process and how you can start the journey of transferring your brand into this lifestyle sphere. You first have to decide what you brand personality is. Your brand personality is a consistent set of traits in which the consumer can relate.

For example, Long Beach Water’s personality needed to depict sustainability, efficiency, long beach way of life, integrity, community, considerate, humorous, helpful and interactive. These were the thoughts we constantly came back to after each creative idea to ensure we stayed on target and represented the brand personality in the correct and consistent manner.

Social media is an important factor in how you display your personality and engage with your audience. Working together with Long Beach Water, we came up with a strategy that would encourage participation from followers, but also customized each content to the platform. For example, Facebook is great for announcements, sharing trends and resharing relevant videos and images. Instagram does well with high quality images and quotes, which we maximized with themes such as Motivational Mondays. On the other hand, Twitter needed to have the highest frequency of content. The content had more of a focus on resharing from partners and live updates.

Staying relevant on social media is also extremely important. One of the ways we incorporated humor into the page was to pay attention to current memes and relate them back to something Long Beach Water related. Audiences on these platforms are expecting something clever and will not engage unless they feel it is quality content. Relating this back to Long Beach Water and staying current with memes was a huge success for Long Beach Water.

We also worked on a campaign for Long Beach Public Works to promote and acquire users for their new parking app. The app, EZparkLB, allows users to see real-time parking availabilities in parking lots and streets. ETA created a 3D animated character, EZ-P the Parking G, who educates the target audience in a fun, engaging manner on the app and how it can help people park smarter. ETA created the character in-house and have used him in multiple ways, including billboards, bus shelters, social media, promotional items and event activations.

Although the campaign recently started, the character is already getting a lot of buzz. EZ-P was announced to the public through a parking spree during lunchtime where EZ-P offered free parking for visitors in high traffic areas. The parking meters were covered with EZ-P branding and alluded to the new character who was helping people park smarter. News publications picked up on the unique marketing tactic and viral activity began to circulate about the character. We then took to EZ-P’s personal social media account to build on popular culture and create relevant content that encourages people to learn more while also finding it engaging to participate in the campaign.

Having content or a campaign that people want to engage with is critical to success. The lifestyle brand helps achieve the most effective campaign.