Move over macaroni art, ETA has 3 new awards to put up on the fridge from our EZ-P the Parking G campaign.

We are happy to announce that we earned a prestigious ADDY Award for our innovative campaign, EZ-P the Parking G. We competed against top L.A. agencies that have produced work for Kia Motors, Disney and Farmers Insurance amongst others to take home this honor. We also won two CAPIO awards competing against government agencies throughout California.

“ETA Agency is honored to have received an ADDY and two CAPIO Awards for our work with EZ-P the Parking G. The campaign was extremely fun to create and launch in the market, and this award validates what we do and proves the success of our creative,” – Cindy Allen, President

A surprising amount of urban traffic congestion isn’t caused by motorists on their way somewhere. Thirty percent of urban congestion nationwide is caused by people driving around looking for a place to park. Long Beach Public Works set out to curb the city’s struggle with parking by launching EZparkLB, a free app that shows in real-time all the open, available parking spots in Long Beach.

EZ-P the Parking G is a fun, irreverent marketing campaign that was developed to give the app a face and a personality. Born and raised in Long Beach, the 3D-animated EZ-P is a street-smart urbanite who knows everything there is to know about city parking. And he’s always happy to share his wisdom (usually with attitude). The goal of the campaign was to educate and encourage Long Beach residents and visitors to “Park Smarter”.

The EZ-P character embraces and embodies the spirit of Long Beach helping to establish EZparkLB as a lifestyle brand. This lifestyle-brand approach combined with ETA Agency’s deep understanding of Long Beach life and culture is ultimately what informed the campaign messaging.

We kicked off the campaign with a parking spree during lunchtime in which free parking was made available for the motoring public in high-traffic areas. Guerilla-like branding in the form of intriguing hand-written notes only alluded to a yet-to-be-identified EZ-P. News publications picked up on the unique marketing tactic and viral activity about the character began to circulate, culminating with EZ-P’s big reveal on social media at Long Beach’s first music festival, Music Tastes Good.

Out-of-home was also created to not only effectively reach a broad audience, but also to capture the attention of drivers at the precise moment when they were in search of a parking space.

The campaign found its greatest success on social media where EZ-P comes to life as an in-the-know Long Beach resident. His witty character on Twitter and Instagram keeps followers on their toes for what he’ll say next or what notable event he’ll gain access to, like being a VIP at Complex Con.

EZ-P and the accompanying campaign garnered downloads that exceeded the first year average for government apps by more than 60% in the first 60 days. EZ-P has been so successful in generating awareness for the app that he has been adopted as the face of mobility for Long Beach Public Works, which includes EZcommuteLB and the Long Beach Bike Share. To learn more about EZparkLB and EZ-P the Parking G, follow him on Instagram or Twitter.