Reality Within Blurred Lines

Niko Dahilig

Creative Director

Many times before we have heard that the next big thing is coming. Just wait and you will see. Never in my life have I experienced it upfront and personal. At VRLA, Virtual Reality Los Angeles, I witnessed just that. At first, I was very hesitant and questioned the whole concept. Questions like, “ Why in the world would people buy big ass headsets?” or “ How do they expect non-gamers to buy into this concept?” Then I realized that all innovations had to start with these questions.

As I walked into the convention I soon discovered the potential. My questions soon converted to “How can we make this work for the benefit of mankind?”, and statements like, “Ensemble can showcase more than the building process and showcase the aspirations of what will come.” With technology comes inspiration and a drive to be and do better. At VRLA, that is what I felt. Seeing the immersive platforms and the ways they can be cultivated into things that can make experiences that would costs millions yesterday, into thousands today.

Don’t get me wrong, VR is still a ways away from being consumer friendly in terms of us walking around the world with it, but it will soon come. Though it is called VRLA, AR (Augmented Reality),  took my eyes and mind further than all the VR items. AR at this moment in time seems more of an engaging platform for users. I think of face filters on Snapchat and Facebook, and catching Pokemon on Pokemon Go. This is due to the knowledge that we are still glued to our phones. AR doesn’t disrupt the user experience, it enhances it.. A couple days after VRLA was Facebook’s development conference and in his keynote Mark Zuckerberg said that our phones’ camera is the first step to having users engage with these new platforms. He later goes on to their plans for AR and how it will change the way we will engage with friends, stores and the world around us.

With VR and AR being in their baby years, I know that teams across the world will latch onto them and find brilliant ways to harness the platforms to create more engaging experiences. This will come with knowledge of when and where the best use cases will be. Just like social platforms, VR and AR have very different ways to harness them. This is the fun part. How do we as creators take these platforms and change the world? Only time will tell and we will show you it. Until the next tech adventure, I am neeks and never stop creating.