City of Long Beach

award / branding / websites

ETA worked directly with the City of Long Beach, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Mayor’s Office during the previous three State of the City events—delivering branding, communications, Public Relations and website development. All collateral was developed by ETA, including logo identity, brochures, invitations, illustrations, infographics and photography.

As the Agency of Record for the City of Long Beach, ETA is also currently working to ensure the city’s brand remains consistent in all communications. Projects includes consultation on a new website, department collateral and branding strategy with a comprehensive style guide.

Civic Innovation Trifold

City of Long Beach trifold cover. Civic Innovation
City of Long Beach trifold. Civic Innovation

Year In Review Brochure

2014 city of long beach year in review brochure


Example of Long Beach City website
Example of Long Beach City website