San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

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Drawing from a range of award-winning work with city government and water agencies and authorities throughout the area, ETA was selected and commissioned by San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District and a collection of other Inland Empire water agencies to rebrand the outdoor water use conservation program, formerly known as iEfficient. To begin, the agency focused on channeling their creative energy into the development of a new name, Defend the Drop, and the accompanying logo design.

Social Media

From there, the campaign took on new life with a modern, edgy creative style and bold, punchy headlines and brand messaging. An energetic, yet educational sports theme shaped the campaign, and collaborations with world-class animators, media and voice actors produced a plethora of video and digital content, urging viewers to take action and make water conservation a way of life. The four-month campaign, targeting all adult residents within San Bernardino county, began in mid-February.

Outdoor Ads