Long Beach Measure A

branding / collateral

In preparation for the 2017 voting season, The City of Long Beach turned to ETA to work on their Measure A program, a ballot
initiative that added a transactions and use (sales) tax for a period of ten years on the sale and/or use of all tangible personal
property sold in the City. The Measure provides funds to make significant and needed investments in public infrastructure, and
to enhance and maintain Public Safety services. For the first phase of the campaign, ETA developed an overall brand for the
Measure, to increase voter awareness and encourage votes to understand its importance. It was a success with over 60%
voting “yes”.

Style Guide

Following this, ETA worked with the City to develop materials and community outreach aimed to educate Long Beach residents about Measure A and how their money and funds are being spent within the City. The first step was to create a universal brand for Measure A that allowed residents to associate signage or outreach materials with the funding without much effort. This initial branding phase of the campaign resulted in a detailed style guide with logo rules, typography, color palette, graphic elements and photography styles. Building on the brand guidelines, templates were created to make the process easier for internal teams and ensure all future materials would remain on brand.