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In 2016, ETA was contracted by Long Beach Water to launch a water conservation campaign to help the City meet its state-mandated water usage reduction of 16%. We created MissionH2OLB, a fully integrated 360° campaign, to educate residents about the importance of water conservation, and urge them to Join the Mission and do their part.

Conservin Mervyn with a rubber duck.

Social Media

Collection of LB Water Social Media Posts
Conservin Mervyn

Involving the participation of key influencers such as the mayor, city council members, and local artists and musicians, the campaign continues to serve as an effective rallying cry for Long Beach water conservation. At the hub of the campaign is the MissionH2OLB website, a full-featured online experience designed to keep residents in-the-know regarding water conservation. The site invites residents to calculate their water usage, pledge to make a difference, listen to the bands that have participated in the campaign, see the works of the local artists who’ve joined the cause, and even play Conservin’ Mervyn—a completely habit-forming, retro 8-bit video game.



example of missionh2olb.com
example of water usage calculator on missionh2olb.com

Video Games

Example of Conservin Mervyn video game


Conservin Mervyn Arcade Machine
Child Signing the long beach water pledge wall
Long Beach citizens taking pictureswith the One Song Shower
Your Water. Your Future. Renewable landscape model home
Man in the One Song Shower