Newport Beach Police Department

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Newport Beach, California is known for its safe, affluent neighborhoods and its residents’ eye for fashion. However, 96% of all crimes reported in the city are property crimes. The vast majority of these property thefts are of high-end designer purses left in unsecured vehicles. Newport Beach Police Department contracted ETA to build awareness around vehicle burglary and theft, which can be prevented or deterred if cars are locked and valuables are put out of sight.


Working with the client, we developed an innovative multimedia campaign to educate city residents about the importance of securing their valuables. Entitled “The Stolen Collection,” the campaign, which was designed to resemble high fashion ads, features male models posing as suspects with faux stolen luxury items along with the copy “Secure your valuables or lose them.” The eye-catching effort reminded citizens that a suspect can be anyone, even the charming “boy next door.” The campaign was featured throughout the city of Newport Beach with placements on local buses, at gas stations, on local television broadcasts and through a robust social media and online presence. All elements of the campaign were planned, negotiated and executed by ETA.