Pasadena Fire Department


ETA was contracted by Pasadena Fire Department to act as a consultant aiding them in their new strategic planning efforts. The Department went through a large management chance and wanted to look to employees, residents and business owners in order to develop their new goals and objectives. ETA conducted employee online surveys in order to discover the positive and negative aspects felt by those who worked at the Department also finding out methods for improvement on communication, training and community engagement. Looking outside of the Department, ETA conducted online resident surveys as well as those from business owners. These aimed to find out how Pasadena Fire Department responds to emergencies, levels of professionalism and resident education. Lastly, this research was supplemented with executive interviews of prominent Pasadena City officials, including the Mayor, City Manager, Pasadena Convention Center and Chamber. This robust level of information allowed ETA to assist the Department in developing workshop groups to draft their strategic plan goals and provide recommendations on objectives and tactics.

Pasadena fire department research process info graphic. Focus Groups, surveys, workshops, strategic plan.