Rancho California Water District

branding / campaigns / research / websites

Drawing from extensive experience with multiple award-winning water conversation campaigns, ETA developed a stand-alone web experience, It’s Water Logic—designed to serve as a complementary asset to the Rancho California Water District website. With its vibrant, eye-catching color palette, unique mix of textures and original animations, It’s Water Logic transformed everyday facts about water conservation into an interactive and responsive journey for the user. Aimed at a diverse audience reaching from Temecula to Murrieta and Riverside County, the campaign generated awareness regarding California’s recent drought and the immediate status of precious water levels within Rancho. Overall, education remained the primary focus and copy was kept to a minimum while still highlighting the differences between the water-savings needs and actions of residential, commercial and agricultural customers. Water is a limited resource, but the District upheld and elevated its brand image as a knowledgeable, helpful partner to the community through the implementation of the website and its subsequent use in promotional and communication materials.

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