Rowland Water District

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The Wonderful World of Water: Adventures with Wendy & Wally is a fully illustrated, adventure-packed 30-page activity book designed to educate and encourage third graders in the Rowland Water District to conserve water in a fun, gripping way.

The project began with an already-existing story, printed in a 5.5 x 8.5 text-only format, that featured the main characters, Wendy Water Wise and Wally Water Drop, as generic and one-dimensional. First, the story was edited to increase the appeal to the target audience, incorporating the whimsical and captivating nature of story time literature. Then, the characters were developed to be more unique with more depth and personality, outfitting both with raincoats and rainboots, and polka-dot tights on Wendy.

Activity Book

The modified story reintroduces the two fun-loving protagonists, filled to the brim with water wisdom and water conservation knowledge. Wendy and Wally start their escapade journeying through Southern California, where they encounter a friendly desert tortoise named Trevor, who shows them through his neighborhood. Shocked at how much water was being wasted, Wendy, Wally and Trevor sought to educate the neighborhood on the water cycle, how it affects a drought and important tips on saving water. The story concludes with an encouraging message from the droplets: “When everyone does his or her part, we are all water smart!”